A downloadable getbeesy for Windows

Team: Biopunch
Studio commanditaire: Ubisoft

Our game, Get Beesy
, shows a bee trying to create a huge diversity of flowers.

The main mechanic is about getting pollen and giving pollen back to other flowers.

Done for the 2nd jam of Jam Nation. The theme was Diversity/Non-Human. For this jam, we had the technical challenges of using the Unity game engine, and playing the game with only ONE input.

In the end, we would like to encourage self-acceptance. Thank you for playing this game

Nom des participants:

Félix-Antoine Dupéré - Artiste 3D
Catherine Benoit - Artiste 3D et animatrice
Antoine Berthiaume-Dutil - Programmeur Unity
Éric Maines - Programmeur Unity
Jean Gravel - Compositeur et sound designer
Samuel Coallier - Rest in peace


Biopunch - Get beesy V1.zip 85 MB
Biopunch - Get beesy V4.zip 85 MB
Biopunch 1.02 - Get Beesy.pdf 646 kB

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